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Hello, My name is Kellie O'Callaghan. I am a published author and have assisted high school and college students with their academic success and confidence journeys for the past 15 years.


From test prep through college admissions, I walk you through the high school and college journey. See testimonials below. I look forward to working with you.                              - Kellie 

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Imagine the person you were at age 10, before you started focusing on what other people thought or wanted. You were likely focused on your own passions and interests. You were probably curious, open, honest, direct, hopeful, fearless and eager for others to engage in your world. Think about how this changed as you approached your teens. The world expected you to adapt and change to fit certain roles. Now you might put others’ expectations, demands and desires above your own. The strong sense of self you once held might feel like it’s fading. You may believe you are not enough or will never measure up to today’s standards of perfection. This is not uncommon, and you are not alone.

Confidence is the answer. It has the power to transform all areas of your life, from academics to athletics to relationships. And building self-love, self-trust and self-security is the key to strengthening your self-esteem. Making the shift is easier than you think. In “UConfidence,” author and academic advisor Kellie O’Callaghan shares her expertise from more than two decades of helping high school and college students improve their confidence. This book includes proven resources she developed to support thousands of young adults as they prepare for and conquer standardized tests, college admission essays and applications, and achieve success. Order now on
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Melissa Wargin, VA

"Both of my older boys were pleasantly surprised by Kellie’s skill to teach them how to maneuver successfully through the ACT. One with a learning disability needed to obtain a specific score, the other one was offered dual scholarships because he was able to obtain a higher score. Both are attending D1 schools with scholarships and participating on their sport’s teams. Thanks to Kellie’s knowledge of how colleges provide scholarships, we are able to pay for their out-of-state university (no reciprocity) and private university tuitions."

Julia Brazeau, NJ

Kellie helped me with my study skills for the ACT, as well as my AP classes in high school! As I prepared to attend Princeton, Kellie's help was invaluable. She forever changed the way that I take notes, the way I prepare for tests, and the way that I think about my education. Throughout philosophy, English, public policy, and more, Kellie's lessons were with me every step of the way. After graduating from Princeton, I am now preparing to take the LSAT and have her voice in my ear as I study. Thank you for changing my life as a student and as a person, Kellie!

Leigha Sather, MN

"Kellie has been a great asset for all 3 of my teenage sons during the ACT process. All of them have increased their scores significantly, one of my sons even gained 9 points on his ACT after spending time with her in the one one one sessions. Kellie is very informed of the ACT questions, structure and coaches the students not in knowledge but in playing the ACT testing game to be successful. She is helpful, kind and thorough with her tutoring but is also an advocate for your child as he or she is discerning what post high school plans will look like. She has a broad understanding of the college ecosystem and is super insightful in guiding them during these critical times in their lives"

Jax Surprise, SC

"My experience with Kellie was one of my best experiences. I came to Kellie with the intention of only getting help on my ACT but little did I know I would get much more than that.


Kellie boosted my ACT and SAT scores but, most importantly, helped me grow as a person. Kellie grew my reading and writing skills dramatically within a short amount of time. I used her as my college coach as well after I had finished my act prep.


Throughout my time with her, I gained an amazing friendship that I will continue to cherish as time goes on. I will forever be grateful for my time with her and continue to reach out to her as I grow older."

Melissa C. Mark, MD.

"Now that we’re on the other side of the college application process (accepted with scholarships!) I cannot begin to tell you how lucky we were to have hired UConfidence for our senior’s college application process. Kellie is friendly, honest, and realistic at all times; she knows what she’s doing. One of the things we really appreciated about Kellie was how she began our working relationship - by listening. She asked so many questions in person PLUS a written questionairre! It was fantastic though, because she got to really know our child outside of her grades, scores, and activities. This was how Kellie was able to construct a highly personalized list of prospective schools, many of which weren’t ones we had ever considered. Kellie walked us through the options, narrowing down the choices to a solid 10. From there it was essay support, timeline management, checklists, and a lot of hand holding. In the end, she made the process feel easy for us and reduced the stress for my child. 

If you are considering help for your college bound senior, choose Kellie at UConfidence. Trust me. You’ll be so glad you did!"

Suzie O'Gorman, MN

"Kellie worked with our daughter on two fronts: ACT prep and college admissions. She was instrumental in tapping into our daughter's confidence and allowing her to realize of her potential - not only as a student but a student-athlete specifically.


I was amazed watching the connection grow between the two. Kellie has a deep talent for working with teens. She was able to get our daughter to tell her true story: likes, dislikes, growth areas, and challenges, then surface it back to our daughter letting her know these were her words, her passion areas, etc.


Kellie is a true gem - as an advisor to our daughter and as a person. She is so gifted in her work. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to help set their young adult up for college, or quite frankly, life :)"

Kellie O'Callaghan

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Kellie O'Callaghan


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