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College Admissions

  • AssessmentWe begin with a review of a student's high school accomplishments, strengths, and career goals.

  • College ResearchWe work together to establish a realistic list of the best financial, academic, and social fit schools to apply to.

  • Final School ListTogether we create a list of safety, match, and reach colleges to apply to. Most students apply to 6-8 colleges.

  • ApplicationWe work together throughout the entire application process: essays, school applications, and answering your questions along the way.

  • Scholarship Search: We research potential scholarships at the schools of your choice. 

  • Decision: We work together to review school offers and make final decisions if desired.

  • See my college FAQ for more details.

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Now that we’re on the other side of the college application process (accepted with scholarships!) I cannot begin to tell you how lucky we were to have hired UConfidence for our senior’s college application process. Kellie is friendly, honest, and realistic at all times; she knows what she’s doing. One of the things we really appreciated about Kellie was how she began our working relationship - by listening. She asked so many questions in person PLUS a written questionnaire! It was fantastic though, because she got to really know our child outside of her grades, scores, and activities. This was how Kellie was able to construct a highly personalized list of prospective schools, many of which weren’t ones we had ever considered. Kellie walked us through the options, narrowing down the choices to a solid 10. From there it was essay support, timeline management, checklists, and a lot of hand-holding. In the end, she made the process feel easy for us and reduced the stress for my child. If you are considering help for your college-bound senior, choose Kellie at UConfidence. Trust me. You’ll be so glad you did!


Melissa C. Mark, MD

Graduate Making Victory Sign
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