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SAT/ACT Coaching

The UConfidence coaching approach covers test preparation and test-taking techniques as well as subject/topic review and remedial instruction. Students receive an individualized practice plan based on their specific strengths, diagnostic testing, and college goals.  Each plan is designed to achieve the best possible individual results across each section of the test; working from the student’s current strengths and improving their test-taking skills across all sections. Students work one-on-one with me to learn the best test strategies for each section. I review past actual material with the student, helping them learn to spot patterns for both correct and incorrect answers.  A typical student will complete six to eight full practice tests over the course of tutoring.

Recommended 6-8 hours of tutoring with homework. 



PSAT Tutoring 

I offer PSAT tutoring the summer before junior year to those students who have a chance at becoming National Merit Finalists or Commended. For the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of personally coaching several national merit finalists a year. 

Recommended 6-8 hours of tutoring with homework. 

Why Choose Me

U Confidence Test Prep Coaching is led by Kellie O'Callaghan who holds an M.A. in Communications from Northern Illinois University.  Kellie has over 20 years of experience in teaching and coaching across ages and abilities.


I truy enjoy working with teenagers! My goal is to bring confidence and self-advocacy skills to every student I work with. My students leave me not only with their desired results but with more confidence than they began the process with.


I have worked with many students who have gone on to prestigious universities: West Point, Naval Academy, Stanford, Princeton, Brown, Chapel Hill, and Notre Dame. I have also worked with many students who have gone on to their favorite local universities, and out-of-state favorites often with high merit packages.

Read my recent blog post: Reflections on a Decade of Work.


I am a nearly 100% referral business - with the majority of my clients arriving on the recommendation of a previously satisfied client. 

"Kellie has been a great asset for all 3 of my teenage sons during the ACT process. All of them have increased their scores significantly, one of my sons even gained 9 points on his ACT after spending time with her in the one one one sessions. Kellie is very informed of the ACT questions, structure and coaches the students not in knowledge but in playing the ACT testing game to be successful. She is helpful, kind and thorough with her tutoring but is also an advocate for your child as he or she is discerning what post high school plans will look like. She has a broad understanding of the college ecosystem and is super insightful in guiding them during these critical times in her life."

Leigha Sather

Transformation Project Manager at C.H. Robinson

"Kellie worked with both of my daughters on ACT preparation. She did an exceptional job of tailoring her tutoring to their individual needs. Kellie's background allows her to meet each student where they are at. She provided them both with effective activities to prepare for the ACT and helped them with test taking and anxiety-reducing strategies. Kellie was fantastic at keeping me informed and advising me on how to be helpful to them without adding extra stress. Testing and preparing for college is an intense time and working with Kelli made it so much easier! Both of my daughters really enjoyed working with Kellie and we were all very happy with their experience. I highly recommend Kellie!"

Lisa Wagner

Controller at Burl Oaks Golf Club

I am writing this letter of recommendation to support Kellie since she did such a great job supporting two of my kids in preparing for the ACT. Both of my boys indicated how matter-of-fact and straightforward Kellie was in what and how she presented. She helped them to cut through the task and simplify what they needed to do to be successful. She was very clear that they would get out of their time with her whatever effort they would put in as they applied their learning to additional practice tests that would be evaluated, scored, and reviewed during their next lesson. Both boys improved their scores considerably and felt that their time with Kellie was well worth the money and time. Thank you, Kellie!

Tim Fulford

Teacher/Coach at Eden Prairie Public Schools

"Kellie is awesome! Her coaching and tutoring techniques are data-driven and tailored to each individual student. She is patient and kind and does a wonderful job assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each student. She is excellent at analyzing the skills required for a given task and breaking those skills down into learnable portions. She taught me how to help my math students on other sections of the ACT (including my own sons), with great results. I highly recommend Kellie for your ACT, study skills, writing, and college coaching needs."

Esther Williamson

Online Adjunct Instructor at Crown College

"I cannot recommend Kellie enough!! Kellie tutored two of our sons for ACT prep. Both are very different in their academic strengths and personalities. She tailored their sessions and homework to their individual needs. One of our son's had a great deal of anxiety and low self-confidence surrounding taking the ACT. I cannot imagine him stepping into that test taking morning without having been so well prepared by Kellie. She made such a difference for him. I would recommend Kellie's individual tutoring over a group prep class hands down. Worth the time and money for sure! Kellie is exceptional!"

Sue Welsh

Spanish Tutor

"Kellie was an excellent teacher and very accommodating during our study sessions. I have ADHD and she was very patient with me. I definitely recommend her for ACT prep!"

Peter Seylar

Mortgage Loan Analyst at Colliers International

"Kellie tutored both my kids on ACT prep and was a wonderful resource. She works to not only develop a relationship with each teen but also to know what style of learning and testing works best for them. That's a skill that's hard to find in a tutor so I very much appreciated it since each of my kids learns and tests differently. She has an amazing ability to say just what they need to hear when it gets close to testing day and their stress levels are high. That made a huge difference to my kids as well. I highly recommend Kellie as a tutor."

Kathy Wosje

VP, Global Financial Projects at IPG DXTRA

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